Tony Latham (Gold Coast)

Tony Latham
(Gold Coast)

Easily got my best wave this year at Rainbow Bay this morning. Got a barrel for the entire length of ride. Not a drop of water on my head the entire wave.

Mathew McPherson (Sunshine Coast)

Mathew McPherson
(Sunshine Coast)

This is my second board from Nee-Pro its fast, responsive, turns on a dime and pretty much does everything I want it to do. I’m super stoked with it.

Gary Reeve (Gold Coast)

Gary Reeve
(Gold Coast)

I’ve been knee boarding since I was 14 years old. I’ve ridden all kinds of knee boards and I found that this board outperforms any board that I have ever ridden! thanks to Michael at Nee-Pro.

Terry Clayton (Avoca Beach)

Terry Clayton
(Avoca Beach)

About 4 months ago I purchased a custom made kneeboard from Michael Watkins at Née Pro kneeboards. He demonstrated a level of customer service, professionalism and commitment I had not experienced before. The result 4 weeks later a great board which really works for me. Thanks Michael

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Bruce Blackford
(Broken Head)

I first met Michael out in the surf one day at my local break. I was impressed with the board he was riding which was carrying a NEEPRO brand. I discovered that he makes them himself and it wasn’t long afterwards that I decided I had to have one.

Nee pro knee boards can custom shape your ideas into boards as unique as you are or shape you a more traditional style board according to your requirements.

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