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All artwork shown on boards are for illustration purposes only.


Double flyer pin tail

 A dramatically pulled in outline, a barrel machine for sucky reefs and hollow punchy beachies. It has a carbon reinforced stringer for extra lateral strength. A very versatile shape with the ability to change direction very quickly and hold deep into the pocket in hollow conditions. Equally suited as a quad or thruster.

 x3 x4 x5       2-6 ft



A relative of the v1 Rocket

This shape also works in both critical and sloppy conditions. It features an EPS blank with stringer and carbon for strength and epoxy laminate. The crescent tail gives the illusion of a square tail performer on the flat and swallow tail function through turns giving hold.

 x4 (Quad only)       1-5 ft



A new kid on the block

Sharing the same bottom curve as the v1 this punk has a larger double concave than its predecessor and the option of adding the fifth fin box. I designed this to work best as a thruster which is suited to punchy and walling conditions with a tighter pivot point allowing the ability to turn quicker and tighter, a real high performance model.

 x3 x4 x5       1-6 ft



Single flyer swallow tail

Another all-rounder, I found this board works in all sorts of conditions and has a stable outline offering a plaining area underneath the rider leading into a single flyer swallow tail. Providing bite when you need to push those turns. Most suited as a quad as well as a thruster. Commonly described by their owners as being loose and fast.

 x3 x4 x5       1-6 ft



Single Channel swallow tail quad

For similar use as the V1, this version of the rocket has no flyers. A slightly wider tail outline and was designed specifically as a quad. The swallow tail and the concaves are complemented by a single channel in the exit of the tail, which gives a super loose feel off the top turns. The shape is best used in average conditions.

 X4 (quad only)       1-5 ft



Rocket V3 features benefits of all previous model rockets.The benefit from previous development has allowed us to design this board to also be compatible as a thruster, and was designed with this specific crossover in mind. The board has forgiving nose outline with still a great ability for duck diving on bigger days. Also been regarded as a fantastic board for paddling. 

x3x4x5      1-6 ft



 Four Channel Single Flyer rounded pin

 A very similar shape to the king pin, only the added flyer helps pull the outline in for extra pivot and release on the rail. Helping the rider achieve the later drops with ease. Whilst still giving control in the pocket.

X3x4x5      1-6ft



Rounded pin

 A classic all round kneelo shape, always imitated and adored alike by riders and shapers worldwide for decades. A reliable performer for both beginner and expert surfer. Suited to lots of varied conditions including fat conditions.

x3x4x5      1-6 ft




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