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Nee pro knee boards can custom shape your ideas into boards as unique as you are or shape you a more traditional style board according to your requirements.


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Michael Watkins

Nee pro knee boards is the brain child of surfer and shaper, Michael Watkins. And was established in 2011 on Queenslands wave rich Gold Coast which spawns some of the most talented surfers and board designers in the world.  Michael has been riding knee boards since he was 12 years old. As a grom growing up in Cronulla NSW, during high school he was introduced to the local knee board club via Gavin Coleman who was also a fellow knee boarder in the same year at high school.

Michael was influenced by fellow members of the SKC (aka Southside knee riders club) and was supported strongly by Scott Lawton (RIP) and other older club members at the time.

Michael competed in many club comps and major knee board comps throughout the 80’s. Including top 3 placings in Cronulla titles.

Michaels influence on shape came from the likes of Paul Armstrong, (express surfboards) Dale Ponsford (kneeon kneeboards), Albert Whiteman (Friar tuck, knormal knee boards), and later David Parkes, all of whom he was grateful too for making his boards and making Michael aware of shapes and how they perform.

Michael’s Technical Background

Michael’s Technical Background

“Let the Creativity flow through my veins” (this is what motivates and inspires me)

After leaving school at 15 years old, Michael continued knee boarding whilst beginning his work career. This began in the painting and sign writing industry where he became a qualified spray painters (Trade no.1). From where he ventured into the electronic music scene working Sydney clubs and others around the country where he became a renowned club music DJ for 10 year supporting and touring with original artists from around the world. Michael then ventured back to normality and with a hunger for art and building he went back to college while working as a landscaper to study horticulture, structural landscaping, stonemasonry and sculpture. Fortunately during his study he was engaged by unique companies to help build and design some of the most elaborate features, structures and water features. Companies include Di-emme Creative Design, Natureworks, Warner Brothers Movie World (Wild West Adventure Ride, all concrete sculpture and feature paint work). This was the exposure Michael needed to gain so many skills with so many different materials for building and manufacture, including moulding and fibre glass work.

Michael’s eventual path was the beginning of his own landscape company (mgmlandscapes) where he continued to build and design unique landscapes, pools and water features. Overuse of his hands lead to the beginning of his earth moving company in Sydney and Brisbane.

With more earth moving than landscaping eventually Michaels hunger for creativity drew him to shaping boards, with prior skills and knowledge this was an easy transition. Knee boarding will always be his most favourite creative outlet, both in and out of the shaping bay.

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